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Non-surgical remedies for disc injury after rhysical therapy fails.

If initial efforts at therapy and traction do not work, a typical course of treatment will include a series of cortisone injections.  Cortisone is injected into the disc area to promote healing and hydration.  These procedures are well accepted in the medical community.  Less invasive than surgery, their effectiveness has been proven in certain types of injury.  The series of injections however do not work for all patients.  Additionally the long term efficacy of injections as a solution to an identified medically compromised disc is not well understood.  This treatment should warrant your evaluation if physical therapy has failed.
If injections do not provide benefit, the doctor may recommend ablation of the nerve causing pain.  Nerves can sometimes be irritated by disc injury and this mode of therapy literally burns the nerve so that it stops firing and irritating you. 
Pain management experts also consider and can apply a course of pain managed drugs including Percocet, and nerve dulling drugs like Lyrica or Neurontin.  These medicines are designed to stop the symptom of pain while the body adjusts to the new injury.  Thought to be useful for most people, they are often tried in a long term care setting unless surgical remedies are available or the patient's pain is reported as severe.  To maintain this regiment is expensive and can have lasting effect on the persons quality of life.

Another therapy also in the arsenal of the pain management expert is the IDET procedure.  For small disc injury, a needle is inserted into the disc and heat applied.  This causes the decrease in size of the disc, to allow retraction from the nerve.  The IDET procedure has had some mixed results in review.  However, it is worth discussing with an expert whether this procedure is available to you and will be successful.

You may need help and guidance during your course of treatment.  A California spinal injury attorney can help you get the best advice for your injury and also obtain the compensation you need to pay the costs of these expensive procedures.  Call us at 1 (888) 752-7474 if we can help you.

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