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Orange County Car Accidents: Can Wet Weather Car Crashes Be Prevented?

Today’s cold and rainy weather has caused several vehicles to spin out of control and crash on Orange County roads.
At about 4:48 this morning, a Jeep Cherokee spun out and rolled down the hill on the 12-mile marker of Ortega Highway.  At 5:45 a.m, a four-vehicle crash occurred on the eastbound 91 at the 241. A little before 6 a.m., a Lincoln Town Car crashed into the center divider on the southbound I-405 north of Fairview Road.  Several other Orange County car crashes were reported.
Wet weather crashes often occur when cars lose traction on the road and skid out of control.  Skidding is often caused by a combination of wet or icy weather conditions and driving too fast for weather conditions.
Almost all skid accidents are caused by the driver. The best way to prevent skidding is to slow down.   
When the weather is wet, you should leave plenty of following distance just in case your car or the car in front of you slides.  Braking distances double in the rain, so give yourself plenty of time to stop and avoid sudden braking.
What should you do to prevent a serious wet weather driving accident if your car begins skidding?
1.  As soon as you realize that you have lost traction, take your foot off of the accelerator. Reducing your speed may be all you need to do to regain control of your vehicle.
2. Slowly turn the steering wheel in the direction that the rear of your car is moving. If the back half of your car is fishtailing to the right, then steer to the right.
3. If it suddenly fishtails in the other direction, slowly change the direction in which you are steering.
4. Avoid sudden moves and try not to overcompensate with steering. Keep your foot off the accelerator.
5. It is common for the rear end to fishtail to the left and right multiple times. Avoid panicking and keep steering into the skid.
6. When you have straightened out, you can gradually accelerate and return to normal driving. If you have crashed orsuspect that your vehicle has hit something, park your car in a safe place before checking for damages.  
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