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Don’t Gamble With Your Recovery. Learn From an Orange County Injury Lawyer.

If you are pursuing a claim and lack experience in personal injury claims, you are gambling with your recovery. For over 35 years as an Orange County Injury lawyer firm, we have watched people like you fall prey to the aggressive tactics of insurance companies and lose their compensation for injury-related expenses. 

3 Simple steps will protect your recovery:

•    Do not sign anything or speak to anyone without first calling an attorney.
•    Utilize our free consultation to learn about your rights and options.
•    Hire a qualified Orange County Injury attorney to handle your case.

Don't fall victim to Insurance Company Tactics:

The Insurance company’s objective is minimizing the amount of money it must pay out. The insurance company will dispute every aspect of your Orange County injury claim, deny that its' insured is liable, or that the impact caused your injuries in the accident.

Protect yourself:

An Orange County injury lawyer will handle your case for you.
•    Thorough investigation and expert evaluation of the accident scene.
•    Documentation of property damage and injuries.
•    Management of medical records and accounting .
•    Thoughtful and thorough composition of the demand letter.
•    Radid and effective settlement negotiation.
•    No fees until your case is successfully resolved, guaranteed!

For over 35 years, our Orange county injury attorneys have been helping accident victims throughout Orange County. With many of our staff working in personal injury for 15 years to 25 years, our firm is not only well acquainted with the local community, courts, and judges but also with a number of the insurance companies, their tactics and adjusters. We are adept at navigating the legal system and negotiating with insurers and we will obtain the settlement you are entitled to receive.

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As an Orange County injury lawyer, we can also provide free, valuable resources.
If you’re not hiring an attorney, you should understand your case from a legal perspective. Once you begin negotiating with the insurance adjuster, you will receive requests for statements and records—some of which you are not obligated to give and that could jeopardize your recovery. An Orange County injury lawyer can warn you of the missteps to avoid and offer strategies for success.

Call 866-981-5596 to discuss your case for free and without any obligation or to request Seven Mistakes That Could Sabotage Your Accident Claim , a book distilling the experience and techniques acquired by a personal injury lawyer after practicing throughout the state for over 25 years.

                                                  Don’t gamble with your recovery.
                                          Call to speak with an injury lawyer now.
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