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Hurt in a motorcycle crash? Three reasons why you need an attorney that specializes in Orange County motorcycle crashes.

Many victims of motorcycle wrecks think that motorcycle accident cases are handled in the same way as car crashes. In some ways they are the same; cars and motorcycles follow the same rules of the road. However, motorcycle and car accidents are viewed very differently by insurance companies and juries. This is what it is so important that victims of motorcycle accidents hire an attorney with a history of successful case results in motorcycle accident cases.
1. People who are not motorcyclists often view all motorcycle riders as daredevils or outlaws. 
This unfortunate stereotype is perpetrated by a few reckless riders who do drive like daredevils. Insurance companies are well aware of the stereotype and will take advantage of it if a settlement case goes to trial. This puts the motorcyclist on the defensive rather than the insurance company. An experienced motorcycle attorney will look for biases during jury selection and will show that the injured rider was riding safely and following traffic laws.
2. Many jurors do not have experience riding a motorcycle nor know how to drive one.
Because driving a motorcycle is different than driving a car, jurors may need to learn the basics of motorcycle operation. For example, motorcycle riders know how to lay a bike down to avoid a crash, but to a non-riding juror, it may appear that the driver lost control of the motorcycle. An experienced motorcycle crash attorney knows the basics of safe motorcycle operation, and can explain them to a jury in a way that lets them understand what really occurred during the wreck. 
3. Injuries from motorcycle accidents are severe.  Often riders don’t survive the crash.
Motorcycle accident injuries can include multiple fractures, losses of limbs, paralysis and traumatic brain injury. An experienced motorcycle accident attorney knows the full extent and ramifications of these injuries and can describe the damages sustained to the insurance company and, if necessary, a jury. A motorcycle crash attorney should also have experience in wrongful death cases.
Understanding that a motorcycle crash is different from a car crash is the first important step to protecting your rights to compensation after a motorcycle accident. The attorneys at Allen, Flatt, Ballidis and Leslie have represented victims of Southern California motorcycle crashes since 1976. If you have been hurt in a motorcycle accident in Los Angeles or Orange County, take the second important step and contact our office at 866-981-5596.

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