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Our Orange County personal injury attorneys with your family a safe and happy Independence Day

We’re all ready for a three day weekend. Independence Day is a favorite summer holiday in Southern California. The weather is beautiful and we’re ready to head to the beach for picnics and fireworks. Unfortunately, the three day weekend is full of opportunities for injury and even accidental death.  
Last year, 8,800 Americans were treated in emergency rooms for serious injury caused by fireworks.  About 67 percent of those treated (5,900) were injured during the one-month period surrounding the Fourth of July.  More half of the injuries (54%) were sustained by children and young adults, particularly those between the ages of five and fifteen.
Many injuries were caused by illegal fireworks, but the legal firecrackers that are sold at stands throughout California accounted for the highest number of injuries.  Even sparklers can be dangerous; last year, 200 children under age 5 received burns and other injuries from sparklers.  Sparklers burn at 1800 degree; a temperature high enough to cause serious fireworks injury. 
If your family will be using fireworks, follow these safety tips:
Use only legal fireworks.
Use fireworks only under adult supervision.
Read the labels and follow directions carefully.
Light only one sparkler at a time and hold it far from your body.
After burning sparklers, place the wires in a bucket of cold water.  These wires can reach a temperature of 1800 degrees and may cause burns for several minutes after burning out.
If a burn occurs, run cold water over the burn for several minutes.  Get medical attention.
Every year more than 1,150 American children under the age of 14 drown. Half are under the age of 5. Most drownings occur when a parent is distracted, so make sure children are watched at all times while swimming. 
Car Accidents:
A three day weekend means that many will be drinking.  Drunk driving kills almost 12,000 people a year.  To learn more about Orange County DUI crashes, click here.
The Orange County personal injury attorneys at Allen, Flatt, Ballidis and Leslie wish you and your family a happy and safe Fourth of July weekend. We hope you have a great Independence Day, but if someone you love is injured, our attorneys are here to help. Contact our office at 866-981-5596.

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