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Obtain Your Free Consultation From An Orange County Truck Accident Lawyer, But Demand Much More.

Here are some mandatory demands to make of an Orange County truck accident lawyer.  Call us at 1 (888) 752-7474 to discuss these and any other questions you may have.

1.  Have you handled truck accident cases before in Orange County?  
  • We have handled over 100 truck accident cases, many in Orange County.
2.  Has your Truck accident attorney team won cases?  
  • We have won every single truck accident case we have handled.
3.   Will you evaluate my claim free, before I hire you?  
  • Absolutely. In fact we will insist your consultation is free. E-mail us.
4.  Are you local to me?  
  • Yes we have an office in Newport Beach, California, and can come to you.
5.  Have you ever been sued for malpractice?  
  • We've never even had a claim against us!
6.  How are you paid?  
  • We are paid on contingency, meaning we are paid when you are successful in your case. 

Demand more from an Orange County truck accident lawyer.

When you are searching for an Orange County Truck accident lawyer, you should seek out the firm that offers the best solution for you, and that lawyer should assure you of success in your recovery for damages and injury.  Call one of the best at 1 (888) 752-7474.

But what if I am not sure if I need or want a lawyer yet?  Should I still call?

Yes. You will find we have much to offer you while you are trying to figure out whether you need a truck accident attorney.  We would rather give you free information and advice now so that you don’t make any mistakes while you make up your mind.  In fact, call or E-Mail us and we will send you a free report on the Do’s and Don’ts after an Orange County truck accident case. 

Is your firm capable of handling large truck accident cases?

Absolutely.  We have represented small and large injury cases involving Orange County truck accidents, and obtained verdicts or settlements of millions of dollars in some cases.  You really have no reason to fear calling us at 1 (888) 752-7474, or E-mail us.

We want you to be completely comfortable calling for any questions you may have.  We guarantee, like the testimonials of clients before you, that you will be pleased you called.  We will never pressure you to become a client.  After all we want you to be a satisfied client, and keep our track record of malpractice spotless as it has been over the last 35 years.  Please give us a try and simply drop us an E-Mail of your question or case details.  We would be happy to offer you a free evaluation.

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