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Pedestrian accidents: Gardena’s Rosecrans Ave. a cause of concern

A Gardena man died Thursday night after he was hit by a west-bound vehicle as he walked near the intersection of Rosecrans and Purche Avenues.  The fatal hit-and-run accident occurred at 6:22 p.m. on February 11, according to news reports, and the victim later succumbed to his injuries at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center. Authorities are seeking witnesses who may have seen a light-colored SUV or truck leave the scene of the crime, and police say the vehicle has major damage to its passenger side and front.

According to statistics published by the Gardena Police Department, vehicle-pedestrian accidents account for roughly 5 percent of collisions in their city between November 2008 and November 2009. The department cites driving under the influence as the No. 1 cause of accidents, while vehicle right-of-way violations, improper turning and unsafe speeds follow.

The wide, six-lane Rosecrans Avenue lacks a painted pedestrian crosswalk at the intersection where the man was hit, a factor that makes it difficult for people to cross because of the lengthy distance between traffic light-controlled crosswalks at major streets several blocks away.

We need to make a lot of noise to get cities to examine their streets, like we did for a dangerous Newport Beach intersecton that will likely cause an accident.  Look also at the rights of pedestrians when there is no crosswalk painted on the ground.

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