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Physical therapy and chiropractic treatment options for spinal injury.

Spinal disc injury that is not too severe, can and may resolve itself.  Discs, like other parts of the body are amazingly resilient.  Treatment consists of efforts at strengthening the muscles around the injury, reducing pressure on the disc so that it can recede after a bulge, and stretching the area of injury to allow more movement and freedom of action. 

Physical therapy

When an injury occurs, it is not usually customary to have immediate surgery unless the disc is ruptured and very symptomatic.  The first goal of treatment is to attempt improvement of symptoms with physical therapy and or chiropractic treatment.  Physical therapy is designed to strengthen the muscles surrounding and influencing the spine.  Interestingly, the stomach muscles or core are very instrumental in reducing back pain.  Therefore physical therapy will include treatment and exercises to strengthen the back and core muscles.  Chiropractic treatment is designed to place the spine into an anatomical position of best benefit while allowing the muscles to heal and strengthen.  Both have had great success and if one is not working, you may want to consider the other. 

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