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Property Damage Resolution guide for your use when dealing with insurance companies.

Property Damage Claims

We will help you with your property damage if you are also injured.  Call us at 1 888 752-7474 for a free consultation. However, If you want to handle a property damage claim yourself, here is some help.

When negotiating a property damage claim, you would be best served to look upon the offers from the insuance company with skeptism. An insurance company has one goal, to minimize their payout and close the file. Even your insurance company has a profit motive in mind.  They collect your premiums and want to pay the least amount possible for your claims.  Therefore document damage to all property.  Locate receipts for additions, extras and repairs to your car.  Also photograph the damage and when taking the car to a repair shop, insist that you be given the repair estimate. 


If your car is repairable, choose a shop that you trust.  The insurance company cannot tell you where you must go to repair your car or that you must go to an approved shop, but it can give you a financial incentive to go to a particular location.  Just remember, the insurance company is trying to save money by sending you someplace. Make sure the repairs are proper, using new parts and or OME (Original manufactured) parts.  If you have a newer car, do not let the repair shop use salvaged parts for anything other than body work.  Salvaged parts can have their own problems as they have been subjected to damage in another accident.

You are also entitled to loss of use damages while your vehicle is being evaluated. Loss of use can be opaid in the format of a rental car or cash for the period the car was unavailable to you.  At Allen, Flatt, Ballidis & Leslie, our goal is to maximize your recovery and get fair compensation for your vehicle. Call us at 1-866-981-5596 or Contact Us Online if we can help. 


If your vehicle is in a tow yard, storage fees are a problem.  Therefore immediately get either your insurance company or the other party's insurance company to adjust the car. Ultimately, you are responsible if the insurance carrier does not respond promptly. Move the car to salvage immediately after adjustment or get a written confirmation that the insurance company is making the necessary changes.

If your vehicle is totalled, seek current market value of your vehicle by looking in the penny saver, auto trader and other sources for the car that is most similar in all ways to your car.  Use these advertisements of comparable vehicles to negotiate a fair value for your car.

Also make sure you demand payment for recent purchases of tires, transmissions, motors and other similar additions and improvements to the car.  Lastly, you are entitled to license and taxes as well since you cannot buy another car without paying such charges.  We offer auto repair or total loss negotiation free of charge for anyone who retains us as their attorney.  Call us at 1 888 752-7474 for your free consultation.

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