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Request for production generally.

A request for production is an opportunity for you to request the other party produce documents relevant to your case.  You can ask them to produce such things as the police report, photographs of the damage to their car, photographs of their injuries, documents they have collected in defending the case, and other relevant documents and materials.  You can also ask them to produce insurance policies and the declaration page to verify that they have proper insurance coverage.  
A request for production can be broader than just specific things that you require in a case.  For instance if they have been observing you and your injuries, you can request copies of the photographs and the video surveillance.  A request for production can also ask for all documents that are material to their defense of a case.  For instance, a defendant may have hired a doctor to review medical records and prepare the report.  You can request a copy of that report be produced to you.  
A request for production is always a good tool to use to obtain documents that the defense may have obtained from other persons such as health care providers, medical providers, and witnesses.  You may request copies of the witness statements they obtained, or recordings of statements they took from witnesses.
A request for production is also useful if you want to obtain documents and/or physical things.  For instance, you can request inspection of a property or a car to inspect.
A request for production is a vital instrument for a plaintiff's personal injury attorney and should be used in all litigation cases where you need documents and/or production of other things from the defendant.  Call us if you need help with your personal injury or auto accident case. Call 1 888 752-7474 or contact us through this website.

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