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Request for production in truck accident cases.

Truck accident requests for production provide a great deal of information early in the case.  The competent truck accident attorney will ask for documents of the repair and maintenance of the particular truck involved in the accident for a 1 year period before the accident.  Many times defects in the truck's braking system, acceleration system, or in the condition of the truck explains the cause of the accident.  
Photographs of the damage to the truck were also important in accident reconstruction.  Requesting a copy of the police report, may provide you with additional information that was not obtained when you requested it directly from the police department.   
Additionally in truck accident cases, requesting the driver's driving record from the trucking company is helpful.  The attorney should also request their safety manuals, policies and procedures for operating trucks.  Many times a truck accident is caused by the driver complying with state law on driving a truck, but not complying with their own rules and regulations set forth by the company in operation of a truck.  For instance, many companies have policies and procedures with regard to how close a truck should travel behind a vehicle.
Drivers are frequently the cause of accidents when they are tired, and have been driving their truck too long.  Requesting the travel log, and sleep schedules of the driver involved in the accident are useful.  It's also important to obtain this documentation with an eye toward whether the records have been modified or altered.  A modification is not beyond some drivers and some trucking companies.  
Once you have obtained all the documentation, it's easier to assemble and assess how this accident occurred, what caused the accident, thus assessing liability as against the truck driver.   If you need a California truck accident attorney, please contact us at 866-981-5596 or contact us through our web site.

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