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Pursuing a Claim Without First Calling a Riverside Injury Lawyer Is Gambling Against Large Odds.

If you have personal injuries from an accident and lack experience with a personal injury claim, you are gambling against great odds without help from a Riverside injury lawyer.  For over 35 years, we have observed what insurance company tactics do to people like you.  Call to learn what you should do at 1 (888) 752-7474.

Our no fee guarantee

You will never pay any fee or cost until we successfully settle your case.
Call 1 (888) 752-7474
For over 35 years, we have been helping accident victims throughout Riverside.  Call now for free and immediate legal assistance 1-866-981-5596.

 Insurance Company Claims Tactics:

The insurance company will always try to minimize your claim, your recovery and treat you unfairly.  That is why you must take several simple steps to protect yourself:

•    Do not give a recorded statement to the other insurance company.
•    Speak to a Riverside injury lawyer.  It is free and without obligation.
•    Hire a qualified Riverside attorney to handle your case.
Call now for free and immediate legal assistance (888) 752-7474.

How Does An Insurance Company Harm Your Claim?

Ask yourself what an insurance company wants?  The answer is simple, to minimize payment of claims.  It is that simple.  Pay as little as it can and the insurance company makes more money at the end of each year.  That means that each adjuster is asked to try to dispute liability, argue about every medical bill and accuse you of trying to "milk the system.”

What Can A Riverside Injury Attorney Do To Help?

We know that you have legitimate claims and bills.  We know the hardship the accident has caused you. Here is what you can expect:
•    We will conduct a thorough investigation
•    We can hire experts to support your claims.
•    We will collect your medical records and bills.
•    We will always do a thorough accounting of your bills.
•    Rely on our expert negotiations to settle your case successfully.

Ask for our free  book on insurance company tactics.

If you are unsure you need an attorney yet, obtain this free book without any obligation.  Request “Seven Mistakes That Could Sabotage Your Accident Claim,” a book warning you about mistakes most people make when trying to handle their case, and how insurance companies try to get you to do things they know will limit your recovery.  Here are some tactics to watch for from an insurance company:
•    It demands a recorded statement, and why never to give one.

•    It demands a broad authorization to snoop through your privacy. 
•    It demands your past medical history to blame your injury on some past trivial injury.                   

We guarantee your will get a better recovery with a Riverside
Injury expert on your side. Call to speak with a
Riverside injury attorney at l (888) 752-7474

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