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Get Your Guaranteed Free Evaluation From a Qualified San Bernardino Truck Accident Lawyer.

When you need an evaluation of your truck accident case, make sure that the San Bernardino Truck Accident Lawyer is experienced enough to give you sound advice.  Expect these qualifications:
    Handled hundreds of truck accident cases?
    Has won 100% of cases taken.
    Will evaluate a claim for free and with no obligation to you.
    The Lawyer can come to you
    Never accepts a fee until you are successful.

Why Call Us?
Call us if these are qualifications you are looking for in a San Bernardino truck accident attorney, because we have never lost a truck accident case, we have handled hundreds of truck accident cases and will always evaluate your claim for free.  Call us at 1 888 752-7474 for your free evaluation and consultation.  Contact us by E-mail if you prefer and we can answer all your questions. 

I’m not sure I need a lawyer. What will I gain by calling?
By calling 1 866-981-5596, you’ll receive the resources and information necessary to successfully resolve your case—whether on your own or with the help of an attorney. A San Bernardino truck accident lawyer will inform you of your rights and options and will send you free, helpful articles, books, and videos, including a report covering the Dos and Don’ts after an accident.  Call now 1 866-981-5596.

Why should I choose your firm to represent me?
Throughout more than 35 years of practice, we’ve become familiar with how trucking companies violate the law or act negligently in order to save money: by failing to maintain trucks, improperly training employees, and overworking drivers. Not only will our investigation of the truck accident be more informed, we’ll also bring years of negotiation experience to the settlement or your San Bernardino truck accident and courtroom.

Truck accident victims often suffer from serious injuries. As San Bernardino Truck accident attorneys we have established relationships with doctors and medical specialists and will obtain the appropriate care for you—regardless of whether you have health insurance.

We’ve helped truck accident victims from all over the state with great satisfying results.  Read what clients have said about us!

Call to speak with a San Bernardino truck accident attorney today at 1 866-981-5596, or E-mail your questions.

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