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Service of Process Steps in California.

In order to start the process of litigation, you must notify the other person that you are suing them.  This is done by serving the complaint on the parties that you are suing.  Service must be done, in California, by personal service or by substitute service to a responsible adult at the defendant’s work or home.  Service of process should be carried out by a neutral party and not yourself.  Service generally can be done by either a sheriff or a special process server.  Service is not expensive, unless the person is trying to avoid service or they are difficult to locate.
Local courts in Orange County and Los Angeles County require service to be conducted within 60 days of the filing of complaint.  To do so will cause you to be sanctioned, so therefore it is important to contact a competent attorney to assist you if you cannot do it yourself.  Call us if you have any questions at 866-981-5596 or contact us through our website.

A competent Orange County and California auto accident attorney can help you with service of process.  They have at their disposal tools that will allow them to locate defendants and serve them properly so that your case can move forward. 

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