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Spinal ligament injury and treatment caused by accidents.

Many people do not realize that each of the vertebrae are held together by small, microscopic, and in some cases difficult to identify, ligaments.  These ligaments act as rubber bands to hold the spine in position and allow it to move, while at the same time assisting the muscles in contraction and expansion of the spinal column.
When an aggressive injury occurs to the spine, such as an acceleration/deceleration injury, these small, microscopic ligaments can also be injured.  Ligaments do not heal like muscles, and when they are seriously injured, there can be instability in the spine.  
In auto accident cases, it is difficult to document instability of the spine.  MRIs are often taken when a person is laying down, although technology is improving in this area.  When you lay down the spine cannot move and you are also not in the position that causes the most aggravation.  Additionally, X-rays and CAT scans take photographs of the bone, not the ligaments.  The ligaments are so small that they are not appreciable on an MRI scan.
Consequently, when we have a ligamentous injury, we look for instability in the spine through measurement of range of motion and some specialized x-ray studies showing improper movement from spinal vertebrae to vertebrae.  So small are these ligaments, that a surgical repair is impossible.  
Instability can, however, be corrected through aggressive physical therapy.  Physical therapy should include such modalities as exercise, stretching and strengthening, maintaining good posture and balance, chiropractic treatment, ultrasound, and massage. 
Spinal ligamentous injury is not a foregone conclusion of pain for the balance of your life if properly addressed.  See your medical professional immediately if you suspect you have instability in your spine.

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