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Does my uninsured motorist coverage protect me if a truck caused my accident?

Yes.  When a truck strikes your car, and does  not have insurance, you have access to your uninsured motorist coverage. Most trucks that do interstate transportation of goods and merchandise have significantly high levels of insurance and therefore uninsured motorist claims are rare. However many local trucking companies and truck operators either fail to carry the prescribed minimum insurance, or have allowed their insurance to lapse. In these cases, you not only have a claim against the truck company and driver, but you can also bring a claim with your uninsured motorist insurance.

Bringing a claim against your uninsured motorist carrier does not increase your rates, nor does it interfere with your ability to bring an action against the other driver.  However if you recover from the driver, the uninsured motorist carrier will be paid back as well.

In cases where there are significant damages due to negligent operation of a truck, and limited uninsured motorist coverage, it is of vital to bring an action against both.  We can help you with the claims process. Please call us at 1 866 981 5596 or contact us immediately.

We want to help you soar above not just survive the damages and injuries associated with an automobile and truck accident.

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