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A real life factual description of injury from a auto v. pedestrian case. You need an attorney to interpret, describe and settle a case of this magnitude.

Ms. Client sustained severe abrasions to her face, hands, arms, both knees, and right shin.  Fortunately, an off duty fireman was at the scene and rushed to her aid.  He held both sides of her head still while they waited for emergency personnel.  Once the paramedics arrived, she was immediately transported to the hospital. 

Ms. Client was evaluated by the trauma team for blunt trauma and an obvious open nasal bone fracture.  Scanning was done, which revealed three fractured ribs on the right side, and numerous displaced nasal bone fractures bilaterally with a fracture in her nasal septum causing a left to right deviation.  She also had a 3mm right orbital floor blowout fracture, which caused a 2mm displacement.  A CT of her brain also showed a 5mm area of increased attenuation indicating a probable hematoma. 

Ms. Client also sustained internal injuries to her organs.  She had a small internal laceration of her liver and both of her lungs were “atelectasis” (partially collapsed).  The right greater than left lower lobe was also contused with pleural thickening.  X-rays and CT scans of her spine revealed several levels of degenerative disc disease and a subtotal collapse in her lumbar spine, with disc bulges at L3 through S1. 

Once Ms. Client was stable enough, she was taken into surgery to address the avulsion, lacerations, and tears of the skin, along with the open nasal fracture.  Her surgeon performed a closed reduction of the facial fractures and also repaired the 3cm laceration across the tip of her nose.

This type of injury requires an expert in personal injury law to interpret, discuss and understand.  Call Allen, Faltt, Ballidis & Leslie if you have been seriously injured.  Let the experts handle your case, and maximize the net settlement amount to you.  Call us at 1 86-981-5596 or contact us

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