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A California motorcycle accident attorney shows you ways to protect your life, and the statistics to back it up!

Motorcycle crashStatistics are compiled yearly and released to the public providing details of motorcycle deaths in the country and Orange County, San Diego and Los Angeles County California.  In 2006, there were 4,935 deaths due to motorcycle accidents. While this number is not significant compared to the number of persons riding motorcycles on the road, it still causes 4,935 families to be devastated and leaves as many widows to mourn.  Also note that most riders are fathers and husbands, estimated at 96%, therefore financial devastation is usually imposed on the family.  What can we do as riders to minimize deaths?  You will have heard of these steps, but let me give you the statistical relevance to support them.

We need to wear a helmet!

Continued emphasis on helmet use and safety of riders has actually decreased the deaths of riders, but more needs to be done.  Sixty percent of the motorcyclists that were killed were not wearing a helmet. More than half of all people that do not wear a helmet think they will not be involved in an accident.  Think again, and wear that helmet to protect yourself and your family.

Remember that in a motorcycle accident, you will have only about 2 seconds to react and avoid a collision.  That is race car driver reaction time, and avoidance is very difficult.  Assume you will be in an accident, and protect yourself with a helmet.

Watch out for the other driver!

Approximately three-fourths of motorcycle accidents in California involved collision with another vehicle according to a USC study.  Most are intersectional accidents caused by a motorist failing to yield the right of way or they cannot see the approaching motorcycle. Watch out for the driver that does not see you.

Watch out for obstacles and debris in the roadway!

About 25% of California motorcycle accidents are solo collisions where the motorcycle struck something in the road or a fixed object.  Keep a lookout for debris, oil accumulation and other defects that may cause you to take a spill.

Regularly inspect your tires!

Tire flats are insignificant causes of motorcycle accidents, but keeping your tires in good working order is one way to avoid being a part of the 4% killed when they lose control due to a flat tire.

Get trained on how to ride, especially new riders!

92% of motorcycle accidents involve riders that were self-taught or learned from family or friends. Motorcycle rider training experience reduces accidents and injuries.  More than 50% of the motorcycle riders involved in a California motorcycle accident had less than 5 months experience.

Don’t Drink and ride!

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