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What factors are considered in a life care plan following a truck accident?

A life care plan is an important part of any serious personal injury case.  A life care planner, retained to assess your future medical and non-medical needs, is usually a trained specialist in the medical industry.  Read this link first if you need to understand what is a life care plan.  One reason that people familiar with the medical industry are retained is that they have an acute understanding of where to look to obtain the necessary documentation of the largest and smallest of needs.  It is not enough that you obtain a colostomy bag, but also the implements necessary to attach, hold, maintain, dispose of and replace that bag in the future.

The life care planner also may be able to identify unrecognized needs of the patient after review of the case and may also contribute to the body of knowledge of this patient as this patient matures or ages.

Life care plans have more than just a litigation base and need.  Patients many times need life care plans in order to assess and balance their budget for long periods of time.  Life care plans can be used to establish Medicare needs and set aside trusts.  Life care plans can also be a tool used by a trustee monitoring and approving of medical costs incurred by a patient.

A life care plan may also be a budgetary issue for the patient who needs to budget the amount of funds available to them for the rest of their life. 

The typical life care plan will include a comprehensive review of records and documents, and research into many items where it has not been clearly defined what the needs of the patient may be. 

A good life care planner will also interview and discuss as a work in progress the life care plan with the family and patient as well as research on any issues or questions that arise during the preparation of the plan.

Naturally, a life care plan becomes the centerpiece of a claim for damages and gives a jury reasonable expectation of the amount of cost this patient will incur in the future.  It can also be a basis for settlement of a case.

If you have been involved in an accident or serious injury and you feel a life care plan should be developed for your case, please contact a qualified California personal injury attorney specializing in severe injury cases.  We can assist you in getting a good life care plan set up so that you can maximize your recovery and settlement in a case. 

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