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What is a life care plan and how will it help my serious injury case?

A life care plan is a comprehensive evaluation of your current and future medical and non-medical needs.  When you have been seriously injured in an automobile accident, and you are going to require additional medical treatment, care, prescriptions and other devices, the cost of these needs must be computed.  Additionally, because of the double-digit inflationary costs of healthcare we have seen over the last 15 years, an inflationary factor has to be included into the analysts to make sure that in the future you have sufficient money to pay for your needs.

Additionally, a life care plan may assess such non-medical needs such as wheelchairs, ramps, housing modification, car modification, skilled and non-skilled nursing, care giving and house hold maintenance.  These are all expenses you may incur when you are debilitated or unable to care for yourself.

A life care plan details how the long term care needs will be met including an evaluation of probable complications and certain assumptions.  Naturally, the purpose of the life care plan is to provide an economic basis for the care that you will need in the future. 

Life care plans are typically not used in smaller automobile accidents or personal injury cases, but become an important factor in severe injury cases.  A good life care planner should be retained by your California personal injury attorney to assess and collaborate with physicians, the patient, and the family to determine the need and cost of such services.  It should then be prepared in a simple to understand method of presentation that will be used at trial or during settlement discussions.

In any serious injury case, a life care plan should be considered and developed if significant future medical expenses, or non-medical needs are going to be required.

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