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What is post traumatic stress disorder? How can I tell if I or someone I know has this after their accident?

Post traumatic stress disorder is an injury that frequently occurs from violent impacts with trucks, automobiles and pedestrians. To diagnose post traumatic stress disorder, it is always helpful to have a clinical professional.  There are distinctions between post traumatic stress disorder and simple anger, resentment or frustration. 
To diagnose post traumatic stress disorder, professionals will examine the affect of individuals, and how their activities are affected.  As an example, if the person is unable to recall important events leading up to and including the trauma, are disinterested in their normal activities, have an inability to focus or are extremely detached from their normal activities and way of life, these are diagnostic of post traumatic stress disorder.  Also, patients  see an increased difficulty either falling asleep or staying awake and difficulty with concentration.
Anger, on the other hand, has a tendency to display similar and yet not quite as comprehensive injury.  When a person is angry, they ruminate about an offense but it does not normally affect their daily lives and ability to manage their life.  They may even want to avoid experiencing the discussion of the offense, but typically, their anger will come to the surface, whereas a post traumatic stress disorder may actually leave the person confused about why they are upset or disoriented.  If you think you suffer from post traumatic stress disorder, please contact an experienced doctor in such matters.

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