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What Is Traumatic Brain Injury and how can I tell if I suffer from it?

Traumatic Brain injury is caused by an impact either directly or indirectly to the skull, literally "shaking" the brain within the hard structure of the skull. Brain injury can be microscopic or can be significant and observable on MRI or CT scans.
Brain injury can occur with very little symptoms, and yet symptoms that are significant enough to be bothersome on a daily basis. Such things as forgetfulness, the inability to recall events, the inability to calculate, and the inability to remember names of people are all indicia of certain portions of the brain that have been injured.
In more serious brain injury, clinicians examine the effect of the injured brain on the ability to function and perform daily activities. Injuries to the frontal lobes or the front portions of the brain can be caused by impacts directly to the skull or by contra coo impact where the brain is literally shaken and caused the injury. Injuries to the cortex, or axonal shearing can also have devastating effects on individuals.
Brain injury can also arise from an impact that causes bleeding and an excess of pressure in the skull. Some with excessive pressure in their skull will actually lapse into coma and will require specific medical treatment to relieve that pressure.
If you or a loved one has been subjected to brain injury, it is important that you immediately obtain a professional's evaluation of the current and future condition and the ability to resolve those symptoms. There are specific medical professionals designed to treat brain injury and they're the only ones that should be consulted when you have a more significant disability.

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