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Cycle riders that cause you serious injury. What can you do about them.

It is rare that a cyclist can pinpoint the negligent conduct of another cyclist that caused him serious injury.  Generally, experienced cyclists understand the rules of the road and also their obligations in passing and overtaking and/or avoiding injury to other cyclists.  However, there are occasionally people that don't seem to understand these rules, or ignore them to the detriment of those injured.

Cyclists, like motor vehicle drivers, have to abide by the generalized rules of the road when operating their cycles.  Additionally, when passing or overtaking other cyclists, they have to maintain a safe distance between the cycles, and not impede the flow and character of your travel.
Some misguided cyclists are actually dangerous, focused on their cycling much to the detriment to those around them.  We've seen this type of conduct by the overly exuberant non-professional cyclist that expends energy and time trying to keep up with the more experienced and faster traveling cyclists.  They can be overly exhausted, head down and coming up to obstacles or other riders without appreciating the danger they pose.  These same riders  often lose control of their cycle, or worse to make a dangerous pass.  
We've also seen accidents caused by untrained cyclists attempting to mimic what they see on television and during races.  They may attempt to join a group of other cyclists and draft too close, or attempt to pass or overtake in an unsafe manor and without properly letting others know their intention.
If you've been involved in an accident or have sustained injury because of the negligent conduct of another cyclist, contact our office.  We will maintain confidentiality about everything discussed, and you can decide whether it's worth your while to bring a claim depending upon the nature of your injuries and the way the accident occurred.  Call an Orange County cycle accident lawyer at 866-981-5596 for a free consultation.

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