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Why Dogs Bite and How to Prevent a Dog Attack

A dog attack can lead to emotional and physical scars for the dog bite victim.  Dog bites have been known to cause serious injuries and in some cases, death.  Understand the reasons why dogs bite, so that you can avoid becoming a victim.

Dogs attack for many reasons, but here are the main ones.  Certain dog breeds, such as pit bulls, are more prone to attack and are dangerous by nature.  A dog's aggression may cause it to bite or attack which has to do with the dog's owner and the way the animal is trained or treated. 

Some of the factors that may lead to a vicious dog attack include the following: 

  • Dog is injured or sick.  When a canine is sick or injured, it may over-react and bite. Older dogs have been known to snap at innocent victims, causing injury. 
  • Dog becomes territorial.  Dogs sometimes feel the need to defend their territory and may attack.  Children are especially at risk of this type of attack, as it is most commonly associated with dog bites. 
  • Dog is fearful.  A dog that feels afraid may act in self defense and cause serious dog bite injuries. 
  • Body language perceived as threatening.  Looking a dog in the eyes or getting too close to its face can be perceived as threatening and may cause the animal to bite. 
  • Dog is aggressive by nature or trained to be that way.  There are dog breeds that have a history of aggression and are known for vicious attacks.  Some people also train their dogs to be aggressive, which can lead to a tragic dog attack.

Understanding why dogs bite, can help prevent dog attacks.  If you have been the victim of a dog bite injury, you should are entitled to hold the dog's owner responsible and financial compensation.  There are statutes in California that hold canine owners liable for the actions of their animals.  These local and state laws frequently change, which is why you should work with a dog bite attorney who is up to date on the latest regulations. 

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