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3 die in big rig crash on side of the road.

Posted on Nov 23, 2009

Sunday morning, 3 people were killed on the 210 freeway in Sunland.   An SUV rear ended a big rig truck.  There are no details about the collision at this time, other than evidence that the Big Rig was parked along the side of the road with a load of lettuce. 

The people killed include a 14 year old boy, and two adults in their 40’s.  Vehicles and trucks need to use the emergency shoulder.  There is controversy about the use of shoulders to park or stop without an emergency.  Recently, a court found as a matter of law, a tuck driver is not negligent simply for stopping on the side of a road without an emergency.  That ruling may have more serious impact as truckers decide to stop along the shoulder rather than pull off a highway.  Therefore investigation into the reason for stopping and also the exact location of the truck are important.  Also whether the truck had warning lights activated may be important as drivers cannot see in the early morning and may be unable to avoid a collisions.

Our condolences to the family and friends for this frustrating loss of life.

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