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Anaheim school bus crashes with 80 children onboard

Posted on Apr 24, 2010

Anaheim police and California Highway Patrol officers responded to an accident on Friday morning between a Placentia Yorba Linda Unified School District bus and a Toyota Tundra. The bus accident occurred on April 23 at 7:58 a.m. the intersection of Mira Loma Way and Lawrence Avenue in Anaheim. Eighty-three children were aboard.
The bus had just picked up children and was taking them to Rio Vista Elementary School when a Toyota Tundra sideswiped the school bus. Several dozen parents were at the scene.
One student complained of chest pains after the accident and was taken to St. Joseph Hospital for treatment. The remaining 82 students stayed on the bus and waited over an hour for another bus to come take them to school. The parents were more upset than the children.
The Anaheim police department and the California Highway Patrol are investigating the accident. There are conflicting statements about who was at fault. 
There are over 585,000 school buses in the United States. Busses are large and difficult to drive. Drivers who don’t have adequate training are more likely to be involved in traffic crashes. Each year 6,000 children are injured and twenty die is school bus accidents. However, school busses are still the safest mode of transportation for children going to school.

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