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California texting ban is working.

Posted on Oct 19, 2009

In a recent article, I pointed out the dangers of texting while operating a vehicle, and refuted the arguments of others that said that a law banning texting would be unenforceable and of no value.

In a texting study performed by the Automobile Club of Southern California and published September 29, 2009, two posts law change studies showed the level of texting in an automobiles had dropped more than 70%.

This common sense law shows the willingness of the public to adopt reasonable limitations on their use of cell phones while driving, provided that they are educated, and encouraged through law change.

Of course there will always be those who ignore the law, and for their conduct, they should be punished criminally and by private injury lawsuits, even to the extent that it may include punitive damages for their willful and intentional unwillingness to abide by the law and place all of us in danger o our roads.

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