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Car accident claims simplified.

Posted on Feb 25, 2010

25-year attorney, James Ballidis, of Newport Beach, California, released a second book last week.  Broadcast over the airways of KLAC Radio, he has been offering for free to listeners, a book entitled The Seven Strategies You Can Employ to manage and Settle Your Claim without a Lawsuit.  In the book, Mr. Ballidis offers helpful and practical tips and information for persons who have to deal with an automobile accident, unpaid medical bills, property damage, health insurance liens, and other important facets of claims.

Many people are not yet ready to hire an attorney, or may feel that hiring an attorney is not in their best interest.  Mr. Ballidis wrote this book to bridge that gap between not knowing what to do, and hiring an attorney.

In the radio ad, he says, "Call and get your free book, and if you need me later, you can call me."
The book unravels complicated claims for persons who are not familiar with having to deal with a claim.  It demonstrates, in clear and concise language, the process that individuals should take to maximize a fair resolution of their claim.

Insurance companies spend thousands of dollars training their adjusters to be professional and to know how to protect the company and save the company money.  Yet accident victims have no training when it comes to making their personal injury claim.

If you want a copy of this important book to help you understand and manage your claim, call for your free copy at 866-900-1500.  Mr. Ballidis' office will send you a copy of the book, no hassles and no additional sales efforts.
He is confident that if you review the book, you can handle your own claim, but if you can't, you'll feel comfortable calling him, knowing that he's not only an expert, but that he has helped you already.  Call 866-900-1500 for a copy of your free book.

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