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Cell phone use linked to signficant disease

Posted on Feb 19, 2010

A recent newspaper report in the Los Angeles Times commented on the disagreement among experts over potential causes of cancer from electromagnetic field exposure of power poles, cell phone use and other electronics.  Unfortunately, while the article talks about the dispute among experts, it does little to investigate the links and basis of those that say it is not harmful.
Last year I wrote to tell readers of a repot issued by a series of experts that detailed the links and dangers.  While the mechanism is not known, the link to danger is clear in my opinion.  Here is the best synopsis I have found on the subject, written by experts that have no financial interest in the matter.
In this report there were 15 reasons why a cell phone can be dangerous and has been linked to causes of illness and death.  While everyone seems to agree that the emission of low level electromagnetic fields or EMF's does not break down DNA in our body cells, there has repeatedly been documented development of disease to a high degree of probability.  While the mechanisnm cannot be identified, it does not mean the danger does not exist.  Think of smoking, and the studies issued by the tobacco companies for years, suggesting that there was no linik to disease.  Later we found otherwise, and the multibillion dollar cellular industry is not above such actions either. 

Therefore while a cell phone is becoming a necessary device for every day life, there is no reason to flirt with disease by ignoring the studies.  Of particular concern is the higher rate of reported brain cell tumors on the side of the scull that the cell phone is used.  Check these reports out from an industry sponsored studies. 

Microwave News, IARC Director Forces Publication Of Interphone Brain Tumor Results (Acoustic Neuroma Analysis Languishes as the Feud Continues), 11 May 2009

Cell Phones, Invisible Hazards in the Wireless Age, An Insiders Alarming Discoveries About Cancer and Genetic Damage, Dr. George Carlo and Martin Schram, Carrol & Graf Publishers, Inc. New York, 2001.

Hardell, et al., Case–control study on radiology work, medical X-ray investigations, and use of
cellular telephones as risk factors for brain tumors, MedGenMed. 2 (May 4 (2)) (2000) E2. [Risk of temporal, parietal and occipital lobe brain tumors on the same side of head as where cell phone was held]

There are an equal number of results from independent studies done without  funding from the cell phone industry.  An industry cannot be expected to be responsible, we have to act to our own interests.  

Instead of risking your health here are some real guidelines we can live by:

1.  Do not put the cell phone to your head where possible.  Use an ear piece to reduce heat and electromagnetic exposure.

2.  If you use a cell phone for over 10 years, your risks are increased.  Therefore make sure to reduce your use daily where possible and use your land line.  I have stopped calling on a cell phone where I have access to a land line.

3.  Children should have their access to cello phones severely restricted.  They are much more sensitive to injury per the studies.

4.  Continue your texting habits, in fact increase them.  As long as the cell phone is further away from you there is a reduced chance of cell disruption.

5.  Consider putting a cover on your cell phone that covers all but the microphone and speaker to reduce heat and EMF exposure.

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