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CHP concludes officer should be prosecuted for auto accident killing two while in pursuit.

Posted on Oct 02, 2009

The California CHP, investigating a patrol car accident in La Habra, have recommended prosecution of a La Habra police officer who caused an accident.  She was apparently responding to a call of a fellow officer on foot chasing a parolee.  She had activated her lights and siren, but as she entered an intersection in La Habra at 62 MPH on a red light,  her patrol car hit another vehicle and killed the occupant and his wife.  

As a Orange County accident attorney, I have seen the damage caused by officers “doing their duty.”  There is a line between performing their duty, and being a cowboy.  The CHP report details have not been disclosed. However, prosecution is normally recommended when an officer was not following police procedure, or when the operation under lights and siren was not a true emergency, in relation to risking the lives of others. 

Obtaining damages from the Police Department is difficult but not impossible.  A police department crosses one hurdle, when they show that they have adopted procedures, even if they are woefully inadequate and even if the police officer does not follow them.  We hope the family seeks an opinion form a qualified Orange County attorney on their rights.

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