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CHP warns improper car seat use may cost children’s lives

Posted on Jun 15, 2010

CHP officers in Kern County held a free car seat check outside a Stockdale Target store. What they learned may surprise you. Over 90 percent of the 121 safety seats checked that day were not installed properly. And, 86 percent of seats showed “critical misuse.”
The biggest problems:
Car seats that were not age or weight appropriate
Missing straps and buckles
Seats that were not secured tightly enough
Seats that were not secured to the vehicle
Recalled car seats
These mistakes may mean the difference between life and death in a car accident. Car crashes are the leading cause of accident and injury to children.  About 6,500 children are involved in fatal car crashes each year. Many deaths can be prevented with proper car seat use.
In California, all children under age 6 or who weigh under 60 pounds must be in an age-appropriate car seat or booster seat while riding in a motor vehicle. Parents can learn more about car seat safety here.
A certified child passenger safety technician can help determine if your car seat is installed properly.  Contact your local fire or police department to locate a child passenger safety technician.

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