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Engineers' union in California sues to remove cameras in engine car.

Posted on Oct 21, 2009

As we know too well in California, an engineer, preoccupied with texting, caused a metro train crash.  In response, and after a significant investigation, the train authority elected to install cameras in all engines.  This will allow the engineer to be supervised at all times.

In a gigantic blunder, the engineers’ union is suing to have the cameras removed, arguing that the cameras are an invasion of privacy.  Imagine Vegas workers suing to remove cameras in casinos, and tellers at banks suing to remove cameras at their windows. Unlikely to win, am I right?  In those examples, we are trying to save from theft.  In the train application, we are trying to save lives.

Whether the Union has the right to change installation or not is unimportant.  The safety of the public is demanded.  Last week a settlement was reached for most of the seriously injured.  The Union seeks to spit on those who died and were injured because of some misplaced notion that engineers are better than everyone else, should be allowed to work unsupervised and deserve privacy while they drive a train in their workplace.  This is an example of poor judgment, and misplaced self-absorption.  Maybe they all need to be fired, as President Reagan did to air traffic controllers who took themselves too seriously.  Hire people who would be happy to have a job and get the pay these people earn, and who would be more than happy to be on camera for safety’s sake.

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