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Exit your car if it is disabled in an accident to save you injury!

Posted on Oct 13, 2009

Chico California:  A three-vehicle accident took place as a pickup towing a trailer was turning left onto Neal Road from Highway 99 Sunday.  The investigation has not determined the cause but a left turning vehicle usually must yield the right of way. 

After the Mercedes struck the Chevy pickup the Mercedes became disabled on the highway.  Apparently, although not clear from the accident reports, a period of time lapsed while the occupants of the Mercedes, David Haro and his wife Victoria remained in the vehicle.

Unfortunately they were then struck by a Honda driven by Joel Matzinger. Even though the Honda driver is probably liable for the accident, if the Mercedes was obviously stopped and disabled in the roadway, the Haro’s can save themselves injury if they get out of the vehicle safely and quickly.

Most motorists involved in a crash think that remaining in their vehicle while it is disabled is the safest thing to do on a roadway.  However, it has been the opinion of this California auto accident attorney that if you can get safely to the shoulder and out of harms way as quickly as possible, you are more likely to be safe. 

Countless times, we have seen distressed autos struck by an approaching vehicle that either cannot perceive the danger or the driver is impaired.  After an accident exit your vehicle if you can do it safely and quickly, your car can be repaired easier than your body. 

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