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Family Sues Huntington Beach Over Baby’s Pedestrian Accident Death

Posted on Feb 17, 2011

A family has filed a claim for $40 million dollars against the city of Huntington Beach for the death a three month old baby who was struck by a car and killed at an intersection last September.
On the morning of September 7, 2010, three-month-old Ruby Gould was crossing the intersection at Springdale Street and Croupier Drive with her mother and two cousins when an Orange County car accident occured. A car near the intersection was hit by another car and then crashed into the family.

Ruby Gould suffered a severe head injury and died at the scene of the Huntington Beach pedestrian accident.
Rob Gould, the baby’s father, blames the city of Huntington Beach for the accident.  The claim says that the city could have prevented the accident with better signs and that the crosswalk was negligently and dangerously designed.  The lawsuit accuses the city of failing to maintain the public crosswalk in a reasonably safe condition.  The intersection had no operational traffic control signals, stop signs, yield signs or warning signs.  Mr. Gould is suing the city for ten million dollars.
Ruby’s mother, Renee Gould, sustained a broken back and a dislocated shoulder. She was taken to UCI Medical Center.   She is also filing a ten million dollar claim.
One cousin, Daisy Chuntz, suffered a broken femur.  The other cousin, Jacob Chuntz, was not physically injured.  However both children suffered emotional distress during and after the accident. Each of the children has filed a ten million dollar claim.
The four claims were filed on February 11.

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