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Fatal Car Accident in Calabasas

Posted on Sep 09, 2010

On August 26, 2010, the U.S. Ambassador to Malta, Douglas Kmiec, 74-year-old Sister Mary Campbell of Our Lady of Malibu Catholic Church, and 94-year-old Pastor Emeritus Monsignor John Sheridan were involved in a fatal car accident in Calabasas, California.  Kmiec was driving a Hyundai Accent on Mulholland Drive when suddenly the car swerved off the road, crashing into a drainage ditch. The California injury accident claimed the life of Campbell and left Kmiec and Sheridan seriously injured. 

Car accidents can be attributed to multiple causes: the negligence of another driver, speeding, improper maintenance of roads, or poor driving conditions, such as reduced visibility due to weather, explains a California auto accident attorney. Moreover, half of the country’s most dangerous roads can be found in California, with the three deadliest passing through Los Angeles County: the I-15, the I-10, and the I-5. While the cause of the accident has yet to be determined, the possibility that hazardous road conditions may have been partially to blame is quite high. Properly maintaining the medians, guardrails, and pavement on state highways is crucial to preventing accidents. 

The California auto accident attorneys at Allen, Flatt, Ballidis, and Leslie would like to offer their condolences to the family of Sister Mary Campbell. They would also like to wish Ambassador Kmiec and Pastor John Sheridan a full recovery. 

Additional information on automobile accidents—the causes of specific types, studies, accident victims’ rights, and the process of making a California injury claim—is available free of charge to the public.

For more information or to discuss a specific case with a California auto accident attorney, feel free to call 866-981-5596. 

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