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Ford Customers in Need of Replacement Parts Find No Help from Automaker

Posted on Jun 18, 2013

The recent plight of a Ford owner in Southern California has revealed the automaker’s disregard for the needs of its customers, explains a California injury lawyer. Despite lacking replacement parts for the fuel pump on the 2007 Ford Expedition EL until September 2013, the company is refusing to provide this customer—and possibly others—with a rental car or transportation alternative.



Last May, Gina Freem’s 2007 Ford Expedition EL became disabled due to a problem with the fuel pump. Her husband, Mitchell, attempted to order the part through the auto repair shop for which he works and could not locate it anywhere in the country. Steve, an employee at Ford’s Parts Department at Tuttle-Click Ford, indicated that the part would not be available until July 2013. Subsequent communications with the company revealed that the part would not be available until September 2013. When the Freems opened a case with Ford’s Customer Service Department to request a rental car, their claim was denied, in effect leaving Gina with no way to transport their children to water polo, baseball, and swimming practices, grocery shop, or fulfill any of the other household needs for which a car is so necessary in Southern California. 



As the owners of two Fords, the Expedition and a Focus, the Freems are—to say the least—disappointed in the automaker’s refusal to provide replacement parts in a timely manner or a rental car while parts are unavailable. Given its motto, “Go Further,” Ford’s actions in this case have proven hypocritical. 



While the law does not require a manufacturer to provide a rental when replacement parts are unavailable, Ford’s refusal to offer alternate transportation to its customers is unfair. The company should seriously reconsider this policy or face likely legislation mandating the immediate provision of replacement parts. 



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