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Free book that helps California residents manage their injury claims.

Posted on Feb 11, 2010

Are you injured because of a car accident, a slip and fall, a product defect, a motorcycle or bicycle accident, and the accident was not your fault?  Are you concerned what to do now?  You need real, useful information?  Information that is free from an expert?

We have a solution. A free book to help you manage your California personal injury and accident claims process. 
In an effort to help those involved in accidents, author and attorney Jim Ballidis has published a book of seven strategies he has used over the last 25 years to manage and settle personal injury cases and keep you out of court. 
He has recently offered the book free to listeners of KLAC and My FM Radio in Los Angeles and Orange County California.  Now he is offering the book free to any California residents who have a claim for personal injury.
The book details such important topics as where to go for medical treatment, how to handle your property damage claim, how to document your injury and property damage, what to do with medical liens, and medical reimbursement. 
When asked why he generated the book, attorney Ballidis noted that insurance companies highly train their employees to defend and defeat injury claims. They ask for recorded statements, authorizations, and probe and poke into the privacy of each and every person that makes a claim. They even make people feel guilty for bring a personal injury claim.

The victim does not stand a chance without either a competent and experienced attorney or information contained in this book. Some people are not ready to hire an attorney, but don’t want to make mistakes that damage their claim.  This book helps solve those concerns.
Why would attorney Ballidis make this free offer?  “People can get the book and be empowered right now.  They can call me later if they need an attorney. At least when they do call an attorney, they haven’t done damage to their claim.”

The book for free to California residents that are injured in an accident. There are no other sales pitches or additional offers packaged with the book. If you want your free copy of this book, call 949 752-7474 and ask to receive the “free book of seven strategies.”  They will send the book to you immediately.

This offer is only available February through March 2010 so call for your book now.

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