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Identity Theft Causes Grief, But Can't We Trust The Post Office?

Posted on Mar 25, 2010

An Ex-postal worker in Santa Ana, California has been charged with stealing gift cards, prepaid calling and credit cards from the mail.  Eveline Panganiban Galermo, 36, of Bellflower is charged with three felonys, fraud, burglary and receiving stolen property.  He is due to be arraigned in April of 2010 in Santa Ana superior Court.  Interestingly he started work in March 2008.  In an economy that finds many people out of work, this gentleman landed a good job and squandered the opportunity.

It is hard enough to keep others from stealing our credit, identity and money, but it is very disconcerting to lose this "stuff" to post office employees.  We want to think that they are above reproach, that they honor their post and carry out their jobs with integrity.  After all they are given much of the fabric of our financial lives, from bills, to cards to gifts.

For those postal workers who carry out their job honestly and with integrity, we praise and thank you. Fortunately, this person has been caught and if proven guilty, the message will be sent to other less than honest workers that temptation cannot give way to doing your job correctly. 

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