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Keeping children safe from a pool or drowning.

Posted on Oct 12, 2009

Unfortunately we read about the tragic death of children drowning in a pool. Almost 2 years ago a child in the family pool drowned while the mother was supposed to be supervising. Unfortunately she was apparently drinking alcohol and did not notice the drowning child.  She was accused of murder but was convicted of a lesser charge of involuntary manslaughter. She is spending one and one-half years in jail.

This case, and others, remind us that it is important to protect children from pool tragedy. here are a couple of simple recommendations that should be adopted by all pool owners.

Don't leave children unattended around a pool.
Don't allow fencing or pool covers to deteriorate allowing unauthorized access.
Have safety latching levers applied to fencing out of the reach of children.
Teach children how to swim, you would be amazed at the number of children that drowned as they've never been shown how to swim.
But children use flotation devices when they are around or near pool.
Be in the pool while your children are swimming if they are under the age of eight.

These steps are not complicated or difficult to employ. When you see as much death from pool drownings as our office has, you recognize that these simple steps, if followed, would have probably resulted in the saving of a life.  Call us if you have had such a tragedy befall you at 1 888 752-7474.  We have helped many children and their families through such rough times.

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