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LA police crack down to prevent pedestrian accidents

Posted on Jan 08, 2010

In an attempt to prevent future pedestrian accidents, police officers in Los Angeles are now cracking down on both speeding drivers and jaywalkers in South Los Angeles. This effort comes after the recent death of a jay-walking pedestrian in a hit-and-run accident. Two USC students were struck by cars in the same area last March.
The police set up an enforcement operation between Figueroa Street and Crenshaw Boulevard. They spent four hours today looking for jaywalkers as well as motorists who failed to yield to pedestrians. Police are still seeking the driver who hit 62-year-old Annette Marie Carter on January 3rd.
Ms. Carter was fatally struck while crossing the street at West Adams Boulevard and Normandie Avenue. Carter, who was not crossing at a crosswalk, was pronounced dead after being taken to a downtown hospital. The driver left the scene of the accident.
The dark-colored car that struck Carter was a Toyota Corolla or car with similar features. Police are still searching for the driver. The driver will face felony hit and run charges. Had he stopped, charges would be unlikely since Carter was jaywalking.
Last year, 18-year-old Adrianna Bachan was killed in a pedestrian traffic accident only half a mile from the scene of Sunday’s accident. Another student, 19-year-old Marcus Garfinkle, was seriously injured by the same driver.

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