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Motorcycle policeman dies in tragic collision lane splitting.

Posted on Aug 19, 2009

California Highway Patrol officer Jim Hetrick was first on the scene of a fatal motorcycle injury this week on the 405 freeway in Huntington Beach. Early reports indicate that the driver may have been “splitting lanes”. This is a maneuver where motorcyclists drive between cars and traffic lanes. While doing this movement, he clipped a Toyota Matrix, causing him to fall off his bike. He then was run over by a Buick sedan.

The rider was identified as Jason Doerr. He worked at the Harley Davidson dealership in Harbor City, but had previously worked at the Orange County store in Anaheim. Although only in his early thirties, he had worked in the motorcycle industry for over 12 years. His co-workers said that riding motorcycles was his passion in life and that he knew every part of his bike. When he didn’t show up for work, his colleagues knew something had happened.
Doerr died at the scene from trauma injuries. 

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