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Nine-year-old bicyclist killed by pickup truck

Posted on Dec 03, 2009

A nine-year-old Anaheim boy was riding his bicycle home from school when he was struck and killed by a Ford F-250 pick-up truck.
Fourth grader, Nicholas Vela, was on his way home from Stoddard Elementary School when he was hit at the intersection of Orangewood Avenue and Loara Street.  
The driver of the raised pick-up truck was heading westbound on Orange Street when he stopped at a stop sign. It is believed that the boy saw the truck stopped and tried to cross the street in from of the truck when he was hit. The driver of the truck did not see the boy on the bike.
Police believe that the height of the truck may have obscured the driver’s vision. They suggested that since the child saw the truck stopped, he likely assumed it would remain stopped. The accident is under investigation, but no one has been cited.
According to safe Kids, an international group dedicated to preventing accidental injuries and deaths of children, bicycles are involved in more childhood deaths and injuries than any other product except automobiles. Seventy percent of American children ride bicycles, and more than one-fifth of bicycle deaths and one-half of bicycle injuries involve children.
The bicycle accident attorneys at Allen, Flatt, Ballidis and Leslie have put together some tips to keep your child safe on the road. Click here for the library article.

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