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An Orange County man dies after a rollover accident with a phantom car.

Posted on Sep 29, 2009

Orange County Rollover Accident Kills Placentia Man

Jacob Rabant, of Placentia, died recently of injuries on the 55 Freeway.  The cause of the rollover is still under investigation.   A second vehicle may have avoided contact but initiated the rollover.  Rollover cases are unusually difficult, and require examination of the vehicle, the scene and interviewing of all witnesses.

The accident occurred on Sept. 13 when Rabant  lost control of his SUV just south of Nohl Ranch Road.  Non contact cases pose a particularly difficult issue for CHP and other investigators, as the exact sequence of events is hard to reconstruct.  Additionally, without contact, the family is unable to make a claim for uninsured motorist damages.

The death of an individual due to roll over is also unusual.  Later models of cars and trucks have the protection mechanisms to protect properly belted passengers.  The vehicle should be preserved and inspected by an expert  familiar with these types of cases.  During the inspection the experts would look for signs of improper roof crush, seat belt use, seat back damage or failure.

According to the Orange County Register article, the decedent owned the Firefox restaurant in Placentia, a place I use to eat at years ago.  These cases are always sad, and I hope the family finds answers to the many questions that must be on their mind.  If you have been involved in a accident on an Orange County Freeway, call an Orange County accident that specializes in such cases.

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