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Orange: Drunk Driver Arrested for Head-On Collision that Killed Charles Bayes

Posted on Apr 27, 2012

On Thursday, April 26th, a drunk driver was arrested for causing the head-on collision that killed 49-year-old Charles Bayes in Orange. At about 10 p.m. on Tuesday, April 24th, 27-year-old Lloyd Mardel Cotton Jr. was traveling eastbound on Lincoln Avenue when he veered into opposing lanes of traffic and crashed into a Honda Civic, the impact killing Bayes and seriously injuring his mother. Cotton sustained minor injuries, for which he was hospitalized. Upon his release, he was arrested on suspicion of gross vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated and driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs causing injury. 

“When a drunk driver causes an accident that harms others, he or she may face civil actions from the victims or their families in addition to criminal charges,” explained an auto accident attorney in Orange County

Although the incidence of alcohol-related accidents has declined in recent years, far too many Americans continue to drink and drive, accounting for 1 in 3 traffic fatalities in 2009. Despite claiming the lives of 11,000 people that year, drivers took the wheel while intoxicated 112 million times in 2010, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

All of us at Allen, Flatt, Ballidis, and Leslie would like to offer our condolences to the family of Charles Bayes, the man killed in the head-on collision caused by the drunk driver. We would also like to wish his mother a full recovery.

The Orange County Register originally reported on this fatal crash and arrest.

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