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PG&E to pay $5 million to settle California wrongful death lawsuit

Posted on Jul 08, 2010

A San Jose mother has accepted a five million dollar settlement to resolve her wrongful death lawsuit against the California utility company, PG&E.
Linda Bernstein filed the lawsuit to hold PG&E accountable for the 2006 car crash that killed her 20-year-old daughter Mar Bernstein and her boyfriend, Robert Conway. The couple was killed when Mary’s truck was hit by a PG&E utility truck on the 11th Street off ramp to Interstate 280 in San Jose. The driver of the truck was a diabetic who blacked out after not testing his blood sugar.
Last month, PG&E refused to support legislation to make companies more accountable for poor drivers.
Linda Bernstein is currently supporting legislation that would require every company in the state with a fleet of 25 or more vehicles to be automatically notified when an employee is ticketed o r in an accident. As part of the wrongful death settlement, PG&E agreed not to oppose that legislation.
Companies are responsible for ensuring that drivers are fit to drive and are not taking medications or drugs that could make them a danger behind the wheel.
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