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Riverside California accident kills motorcyclist and was again caused by a drunk driver.

Posted on Dec 17, 2009

Once again, drunk driving has killed on our highways and streets.  A motorcyclist was killed today in a head-on accident with a truck.  He suffered head injuries and died from those injuries.  His identity was released by CHP officers as Brian Spambati of Norco.  Mr. Spambati was killed by Valentino Feliciano of Riverside.

When accidents cause death, there is no amount of damages that pays for the loss of life.  What makes matters worse, Mr. Feliciano was arrested for DUI on several other occassions.  The State of California must remove these people from the road, require their vehicles be equipped with alcohol sensors that prohibit the car from starting and prosecute violations more rigorously.  If there has been a prior conviction for drunk driving, there is a high correleation to a later accident causing serious injury and or death.
It is hoped that he will be incarcerated for a long time.  Our sympathies to the family and freinds of Mr. Spamboti for this tragic and unnecessary loss of life. 

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