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Road rage accident seriously injures mom and two children

Posted on Oct 10, 2009

Two men have been booked on attempted murder charges as the result of a car accident last Tuesday in the San Fernando Valley. The crash seriously injured a mother and two children who were crushed between parked cars.
The men who were driving a black Nissan Maxima and a red Chevrolet Camaro got into a dispute in the Van Nuys area. They began racing and weaving along city streets at speeds ranging from 50mph to 90mph. One driver was tapping on the brakes trying to cause the other to ram into the vehicle. When they reached Reseda, the Camaro slammed its brakes.  The Nissan tried to avoid it and hit a parked car. The mother and her two children were caught between parked cars.
The woman is in the hospital in critical condition. She has lost one leg and the other is crushed. Her four year old son is on life support. The crash launched the boy into the air and he slammed against a tree. He has massive brain damage and is not expected to survive. Her 81/2 month old daughter is also in critical condition.
The driver of the Nissan was arrested at the scene. The other driver surrendered later at the police station. They are being held on bail of $1.5 million each.
Los Angeles has the fourth largest road rage problem in the United States. Get the facts on road rage here.

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