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San Diego County driver rescued after run away Toyota hits 94 mph

Posted on Mar 09, 2010

A runaway blue Toyota with a stuck accelerator was brought to a stop by the California Highway Partrol on Monday, March 8.
The vehicle, a 2008 Toyota Prius, is covered by the floor mat recall, but not by the accelerator recall. According to Toyota, the Prius uses a different accelerator pedal than those with the “sticky pedal” problems.
The driver, 61-year-old James Sikes, was driving east on Interstate 8 near Lake Jennings Road about 4 miles from El Cajon. He tried to pass a slower car on the highway when he noticed that the vehicle was accelerating on its own. He tried to stop the car by himself. He reached down and pulled on the accelerator pedal, but it would not move. Sikes also noticed that the floor mats were not involved.
When his speed hit over 90 miles per hour, Sikes dialed 911 for help. A CHP patrol car caught up with Sikes east of Kitchen Road, 20 miles from his original location. The officer pulled along the Prius and gave Sikes instructions over the PA system.
Following CHP’s directions, Sikes was able to use his brakes and emergency brake to slow the car down. After several attempts, he was able to stop the car by pushing the ignition button.
Sikes had experienced no other problems with his vehicle. He did receive a recall notice, which he believes was for his floor mats. But, when he took the Prius to his dealer, he was told it had not been recalled.

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