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Speeding cars pose a danger to West Hollywood pedestrians and cyclists

Posted on Oct 02, 2009

Speeding on residential streets is major issue in Los Angeles.  Last month, a group of West Hollywood residents went before City Council to complain about accidents caused by drivers speeding on neighborhood streets.
The residents described leaping into bushes to avoid being hit and cars running through front yards.  They described six separate speeding incidents with cars driving up to 70 miles per hour.  One resident wore a neck brace after being hit in a head-on collision by a speeding car.
Council member Jeff Prang agreed that speeding is a problem, but said it is a problem all over the LA occurring “on virtually every street in the city from one end to the other.” He said we all need to be responsible for watching our speed on city streets, but agreed to contact the sheriff.
Speeding on residential streets is especially dangerous to pedestrians, playing children, and bicyclists.  Pedestrians and cyclists have little protection from cars and the results can be catastrophic.  Los Angeles area pedestrians have a right to be safe. Drivers are responsible for not posing a danger to others on the street.
If you or a loved one has been injured by a driver speeding on a residential street, a pedestrian accident attorney can help.  Call the law firm of Allen, Flatt, Ballidis and Leslie toll free at 888-752-7474 for a free consultation.

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