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Stuntswoman killed in Los Angeles freeway motorcycle wreck

Posted on Apr 07, 2010

A 28-year-old stuntswoman is dead after she fell from her motorcycle and was hit by another vehicle as she travelled to her job at a Los Angeles movie set.
The accident occurred at about 7:40 am on Tuesday April 6. April Erin Stirton was driving her motorcycle on U.S. Highway 101 just west of Laurel Canyon Boulevard when she attempted to pass a tow truck. Ms. Stirton was going about 55 m.p.h. when she lost control of her motorcycle and fell off her bike. She was hit by the rear wheels of the tow truck. The motorcycle was wedged under the truck and dragged more than 100 feet before the truck stopped. Paramedics pronounced Ms. Stirton dead at the scene.
Stirton worked as a stunt double on TV shows such as “True Blood” and “CSI”.
Riding a motorcycle in the street with larger vehicles is dangerous. Over 500,000 people are injured every year in motorcycle accidents. If you have been harmed in a California motorcycle crash, contact Allen, Flatt, Ballidis and Leslie.  

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